Texture and it’s place in interior design


Texture has an ability to add a powerful, and subtle dimension to the space. It refers to how the surface of an object feels. Texture can help to determine the way the space will feel. That’s why it’s important to mix textures into the room schemes.

All surfaces have texture be they matte or shiny, coarse or fine, rough or smooth. One of the basic principles of using texture has to do with scale. Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object feel heavier, reflect less light and will give a warm and rustic feel. While smoother textures will make it lighter cooler, more modern and reflect more light.

There are several considerations that are on the agenda in choosing texture:

  • Light Reflection –  a carpet reflects less light than a wooden floor
  • Visual and Tactile Texture – glass top on a roughly hew coffee table will change the tactile texture whilst retain the visual texture
  • Scale – chunky cord upholstered sofa looks different than the same sofa upholstered in linen
  • Suitability – the choice of a sleek marble floor in a contemporary bathroom might look great but wont be practical enough

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